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Donelson & Associates
<microPAC>~TM Political Action Committee InfoSystem and Outsourcing Services
About Our Business

Donelson and Associates is a supplier of PAC Outsourcing Services.  <microPAC>~TM
Political Action Committee InfoSystem
is the customized PAC software designed to meet
the processing, accounting, reporting & audit needs of corporate and private sector
Federal and State Political Action Committees.

With 35 years of experience, compliance in State and Federal Campaign Finance
Reporting is  our  first  and  foremost  priority.  Donelson & Associates  has  experience  
in every aspect of Campaign Finance Management including:

  • Small to Large Corporate PACs
  • Start Ups of State and FEC PACs
  • Mergers & Terminations
  • Updating for FEC & State Compliance
  • Monitoring FEC & State Reporting Deadlines
  • Customization to Corporate PAC Needs
  • Advisement on Compliance
  • Quick Customer Support Response