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<microPAC>~TM Political Action Committee InfoSystem and Outsourcing Services
Why Choose Us?

While Government Compliance & Reporting is a highly
specialized area, it's really in the same league of
Certified Public Accounting and Legal Business
practices.  Federal & State Campaign Finance
Management is our business focus.

Compliance issues, software updates, changing filing
methods, filing deadlines, fluctuation of state reporting
requirements, employee training of PAC functions & PAC
Administration Accounting are all connected to Political
Action Committee business.

We have a tried & true account campaign platform,
<microPAC>, that has been used flawlessly over the
years by Verizon, Comerica Bank and many other
fortune 500/1000 companies.   This platform plus years
of experience enables us to get the job done quickly and

Along with expertise and experience, Donelson &
Associates is the cost effective leader in
the industry.  There is no need to pay more for
competent campaign finance administration than what
is necessary to perform effective & timely services.